About Me

I specialize in creating quality content for local businesses. As a freelance contractor, I pride myself on being highly professional, organized, and dependable. My skills include web writing, blog development, SEO, email marketing, and more. If you’re looking to improve your website content, put out a company newsletter, or start a blog to help drive web traffic, contact me.

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Professional Background

I earned my Master’s degree in English from Roosevelt University in 2011 and have a strong professional background in writing, editing, and content development. My publishing experience encompasses everything from web blogs to literary magazines to medical textbooks. I have a knack for analyzing texts, seeing the big picture, and putting the pieces together to form a cohesive story. These talents make me a natural editor and storyteller with a good eye for content strategy. My marketing skills include content strategy, brand development, SEO copywriting, and social media. I’m also comfortable with multiple web-based content management systems and have years of personal and professional WordPress expertise.